Shawn’s true passion is people and the longterm relationship that is developed with everyone
he works with. Consistently delivering professional and personalized service because of his
sincere passion for helping and guiding people through his knowledge of the Real Estate
industry. He will drop anything he is doing to help a client in need and you cannot help but feel
a deep appreciation for his dedication after you meet him. Together Shawn and Kara have
dominated the Real Estate market at Priest Lake only because what one lacks, the other
provides in abundance. They are the ultimate team in this industry.

Shawn has been a beloved marina owner and boat mechanic at Priest Lake for over 25 years.
He has made valuable and forever important relationships through this business, and is now
providing the ultimate Real Estate service for many of them. Real Estate is his true passion
and has been a full time agent for over 7 years at Priest lake exclusively.

Shawn enjoys the simple life. Snowmobiling, RV-ing in the off season, boon docking the RZR,
and just spending time with his family- he loves it all.

You can feel his passion for life and people after your first encounter and can’t help but feel an
instant connection and his devotion.