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January 5th - share event on Facebook
Racing starts at 9 am - Registration 7-8 am

Pre register online or at Hills Resort Friday night before the race 6-8

February 9th - share event on Facebook
Racing starts at 9 am - Registration 7-8 am
Pre register online or at Hills Resort Friday night before the race 6-8


Donations for parking/entry appreciated. Money goes too the Priest Lake Lions Club and Vintage Snowmobile Racing Priest Lake.



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Tower Fire project decision signed

—Courtesy photo KEITH CURRIE/ A trail of ravaged timber lies in the wake of the Tower Fire in this photo taken during the 2015 fire.


NORDMAN — A decision to provide for the greatest amount of reforestation and restoration opportunities has been approved by Idaho Panhandle Forest Supervisor Mary Farnsworth.

Farnsworth signed the decision, selecting modified alternative 2, for the Tower Fire Salvage and Reforestation Project located on the Priest Lake Ranger District. The signed decision provides for the greatest amount of reforestation and restoration opportunities of all the alternatives which helps steer the forest towards desired conditions as described in the Idaho Panhandle National Forests 2015 Land Management Plan. This decision focuses on areas where treatments would be the most effective on the landscape while minimizing impacts to forest resources.

Salvage projects protect the health and safety of the public, by removing hazardous burned trees along trails and roads, recover the remaining economic value of forest products in a timely manner to contribute to employment and income in local communities, while restoring portions of the landscape. 

This project will include salvaging approximately 1,819 acres of dead and dying trees for recovery of economic value, removing hazardous trees (1,335 acres) along 52 miles of road, and providing 3,496 acres for reforestation.

The Tower Fire Salvage and Reforestation Project had extensive public involvement. Public involvement helped develop the proposed action and inform the decision. These efforts included discussions with Tribes, local, state and county government, general public, local collaborative groups, and timber industry representatives.

Implementation of these decisions is expected to begin in July and last up to three years. Within the Tower Fire project area, 52 miles of roads are closed until hazardous trees have been removed. Adjacent to project areas, travelers should be alert for increased vehicle traffic, including log trucks. 



Just one lot draws competitive bid at Priest Lake state cabin-site auction

Sandy beach at Priest Lake cottage site that sold at auction over the weekend for more than $1 million (State of Idaho)
Sandy beach at Priest Lake cottage site that sold at auction over the weekend for more than $1 million (State of Idaho)

Here’s my full story from

By Betsy Z. Russell

A 1.7-acre slice of North Idaho lakefront heaven on Priest Lake – with just a rustic, one-bedroom cabin on it – drew the only contested bidding at a weekend auction in which the state of Idaho sold off 39 lakefront cabin sites.

The cabin owners, a Seattle couple who had been leasing the land from the state and whose family had had the cabin since at least the 1970s, were outbid by a Coeur d’Alene physician who was willing to pay $1.107 million for the lakefront property – $367,000 more than its appraised value. The successful bidder also will be required to pay the cabin owners the $44,200 assessed value for their 870-square-foot cabin.

All 38 other cabin sites sold for the appraised value to the current lessees, who own the cabins on the previously state-owned lots. It’s part of the Idaho Department of Lands’ move to get out of the business of renting lakefront cabin sites, on which private owners lease the ground and build and own their own cabins. It’s a business that’s led to multiple lawsuits over the years, as cabin owners contested rising rents for the ground, and the department cited the Idaho Constitution’s requirement that state endowment land be operated to raise revenue for schools – not to benefit lessees.

Two other lots drew no bids – the cabin owners had nominated them for the auction, but didn’t bid.

With the weekend auction at the Coeur d’Alene Resort, Idaho has now auctioned off 228 cabin sites – 141 of those at Priest Lake, and 87 at Payette Lake near McCall. The state endowment has collected $97.7 million in proceeds from the auctions – $18.9 million of that on Saturday.

Idaho’s state Land Board, which is chaired by Gov. Butch Otter and consists of the state’s top five elected officials, has voted to invest the money into higher-earning investments, focusing on timber land. The state endowment currently owns nearly 1 million acres of timber land, and made $68.2 million from logging in 2015.

The state also maintains a permanent endowment fund, which totals $1.87 billion; its earnings, like those from the land, go the endowment’s beneficiaries, the largest of which is Idaho’s K-12 public schools.

Idaho received grants of more than 3.65 million acres of land in trust from the federal government when it became a state. About 33 percent of that land has been sold off, most of it between 1900 and 1940; the money went to the permanent endowment fund. The state endowment now owns 2.44 million acres of land.

When endowment land is sold, the money goes initially to the state’s Land Bank fund, which holds it for five years. If it hasn’t been reinvested into other land by that point, it reverts to the permanent endowment fund.

The Land Board has authorized auctioning off nearly another 300 state-owned cabin sites at Priest and Payette lakes by 2019. It’s also considering auctioning off some unleased cabin sites at Priest Lake this fall.

At Saturday’s auction, the lot that drew the competitive bidding was the priciest lot, but also the one with the lowest-valued cabin on it. The priciest property in total was a $615,000 lot with a $1.2 million, 4,948-square-foot cabin; it went to the cabin owner for the appraised value. The lowest-valued lot in Saturday’s auction sold for its appraised price of $300,000.

Sharla Arledge, Department of Lands spokeswoman, said, “The auction went smoothly.” And even with the one lot that drew competitive bidding, “There was no apparent drama.”





Well it has been a tough summer for a lot of people in the area with all the fires destroying Priest.  Things are getting under control and the rain is helping the fire fighters.  We would like to put a personal 'thank you' to all the fire fighters that help to protect of beautiful paradise.  

Thank you from all of us at Priest Lake Realty!!


The market is really picking up at the lake.  We are excited that things are finally moving quickly.  If you are interested in Selling your home, now is a great time to contact me for a free CMA to see what your property is worth! 

If you are a Buyer and you don't see what you are looking for on my website, please contact me for a list of my pocket listings.  One pending right now!!

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Kara Williams at Priest Lake Realty


We have snow at the Lake!!  Winter has finally arrived and things are looking very white up here.  

Check out the webcams to see for yourself!



Congrats to the new property OWNERS at Priest Lake!!

It has been a long time coming but worth the wait! Enjoy your many years as REAL property owners at the Lake:)

-Priest Lake Realty




There are a handful of listings in the Priest lake, Coolin and Nordman area that will not appear on my website.  For a complete list of these listings please send me an email or give me a call.  I want each customer to know every home in this area, so they can make the best choice for them when choosing a home.



Things are moving up at the Lake again and the market is finally starting to bounce back.  Prices are low and there is alot of awesome properties in Priest Lake, Nordman and the Coolin area.  Now is the time to buy !!

Call us to help



We aren't just here to help you buy and sell Real Estate at Priest Lake, we have a ton of information regarding Priest Lake. 

The History of Priest lake, contacts for local vendors, legal issues and not to mention the lastest on any waterfront, deeded, leased, vacant land and residential properties in the area! Give us a call for any questions you might have!  We are here to help!


Deeded waterfront is really starting to move in our Priest lake market.  This is a good sign that the market is getting healthier.  Waterfront homes are at an all time low and we will going up as the market improves.  If you are interest in purchasing a deeded waterfront home at Priest Lake, please give us a call for a complete list of waterfront proeprties.


I am very excited to announce we have a new office in Nordman, ID  to help with all of your Priest Lake Real Estate needs!  We are now open in Kaniksu Resort.  You can drive or boat on in!!  Come by to find out what is happening in the Priest Lake Real Estate Market and let us help answer any of your Real Estate needs!



I am very happy to annouce that we have a new Priest Lake agent joining Priest Lake Realty.

My husband, Shawn Williams.  Shawn has lived at Priest Lake for nearly 20 years and is also a trusted marine machanic in the area.  He is passionate about Priest Lake and very knowldgeable about the area.  I am very happy to have him join the company and look forward to him selling homes and land in the Priest Lake, Nordman and Coolin area.  If you have any questions for him regarding Real Estate please give him a call at (208) 610-4966.  He would be happy to talk to you:)


Snow is melting quick at Priest Lake.  Great time to list the cabin or buy one!

Please call us for any questions you might have regarding Real Estate in Priest lake, Coolin or Nordman, Idaho!



Friends of Grandview at Priest Lake...

I would like to take a minute to give everyone a brief update on what’s been going on at Grandview.  We have spent the last two months organizing, cleaning and ultimately trying to get feel of what this amazing property has to offer. Although many things are yet to be determined, we have decided to open this season for lodging beginning mid-June.  A letter has been sent to last year’s guests giving them until April 15 to confirm their summer reservations.  So, as of now, we won’t know exactly how many units are available, but are currently taking reservations for the few that are for sure.

As of now, we have yet to determine exactly what Grandview’s restaurant concept will be. Obviously, the Grandview team has been discussing a few plausible avenues to take; however, for rumor’s sake, we have chosen to keep them private until something more substantial has been decided upon.  What we are certain about is that Grandview libations will consist of some Priest Lake favorites, such as the famous pina coladas, daiquiris and margaritas. Also, we can assure you that Grandview will undoubtedly provide a clean and ultimately fun environment consisting of great service, great atmosphere, great staff and a canvas for great memories. 

We will be having a garage sale this weekend starting Friday morning at 9am and continuing through Sunday.  We are not promising that all items are amazing; however, beauty is in the eye of the beholder so come up and decide for yourselves. Everything must go, so whatever items not purchased will be given to charity or waste management by the end of next week. We are excited to start breathing new life and inevitable fun into this amazing facility. My hope is to have the restaurant open by the end of June, but many factors play into this notion, so, as most things are, we can’t be absolutely positive.  However, we promise to update the lake when we have something more substantial than an idea. 

Enjoy spring and we hopefully will be seeing you soon!


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I am officially back from Maternity leave and ready to get down to business.  I am anticipating a very busy year and look forward to selling and find homes for people in the Priest Lake area!!  Please let me know if I can help you!  Since the birth of our Son 'Beau' born on Dec. 19th, time is flying but I am now ready to get my baby brain back to work.  I would like to thank everyone who sentgifts, warm wishes and congratulations.  It has been the best experience of my life:) 

Welcome to my new Website.  I am so excited to have the latest and greatest technology in order to bring the very best and user friendly site for all of your Real Estate needs.  I appreciate your patience while I figure out the in’s and out’s of this site. 

Welcome to my new Website.  I am so excited to have the latest and greatest technology in order to bring the very best and user friendly site for all of your Real Estate needs.  I appreciate your patience while I figure out the in’s and out’s of this site. 

Also a quick side note, I was recently married and so there has been a name change.  Kara Anderson is now Kara Williams!!  So for those that might be confused, it is me.  


I hope that you will check out and like my Facebook page.  Please look for the link at the top of my website to be connected.